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Bring your pool back to it's full glory. We'll take it there!

Good pools are built to last, but over time some pools may feel dated due to changing trends or even fall to poor conditions for various reasons. Through ASIAPOOLS extensive experience, we provide a comprehensive restoration solutions to revitalise existing pools regardless of its state or condition.

Need a fresh new look for your pool? We can help!

We don’t just build new pools; ASIAPOOLS can also Renovate & Refurbish existing swimming pools to provide you greater enjoyment and to suit your changing needs through:


Our Work

What We Offer

We get bored easily, even with what we once thought was fabulous. Don’t worry , we’re the same, and we’ve got you covered! Our expertise includes:
✔ Restructuring and remodeling pool
✔ Upgrading pool lighting
✔ Enhancing the internal and external finish of your beloved pool

Pool restructuring and/or extension

Additions or removals of features

Lighting enhancement, upgrading, or updating

Equipment enhancement, upgrading, or updating;

Internal and external finish enhancement, upgrading or updating

General structural repairs

Our Past Works